The organic menthol cigarette

Poy-Sian, Mark II, is the world’s first and only multi-functional organic “cigarette”, which is neither toxic or filled with chemical additives. By buying our mouth nozzles, the vapors from the inhaler can be inhaled through the mouth, in the same manner as smoke from cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

Purchase of mouth nozzles for inhalation of vapors, from the inhaler, also requires simultaneously purchase of our Poy-Sian, Mark II.

Menthol cig - 02

Poy-Sian, Mark II, the world’s only non-toxic, chemical-free and 100% herbal and organic menthol cigarette. Through more than a hundred years it has been widely known that menthol may dampen acute craving. This also applies for the Poy-Sian menthol inhaler.

Poy-Sian Mark II, is not a means to “stop smoking”, but it may be used to alleviate the need for a cigarette, if you find yourself in places where smoking is not allowed. At the same time Poy-Sian, Mark II, is a completely harmless non-toxic, chemical free and 100% herbal and organic product, where the menthol vapors neither harms the respiratory system or your lungs.

Another alternative smoking technique, which is often used in Thailand, is to keep Poy-Sian, Mark II, inside the hand and inhale the menthol vapors through the mouth, in the same manner as one would inhale smoke from a conventional cigarette. Refer to the picture below.

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