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The world's absolute best and cheapest menthol inhaler. Poy-Sian Mark II.

Mark II, sold in big cardboard box (1.200 psc.) for 0.40 £ each. 90 % discount.

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Product Description

Poy-Sian, Mark II sold in big cardboard box (20 small boxes, 1.200 pieces). Price include shipping and VAT.

Discount price is 90 %, and is aimed at large retail businesses and shops.

Poy-Sian Mark II or simply Mark 2 (2 in 1) is one of the world’s cheapest and best selling menthol inhalers. It is used when you can not breathe, anti-nausea, against a blocked nose, when you have an itchy bug bite, to relax from stress, for athletes to perform …

Exp. 27/06/17.