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All mentioned prices incl. VAT and shipping.

Payment is via PayPal, which includes the purchase using international payment creditcards.

There are no extra charges for payment by credit card.


For purchases within EU, the EU Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EC) apply. In practice, purchases is tied up to the Danish E-Trade Act, “Law no. 227 of 04/22/2002” and the Danish Sale of Goods Act, “Act no. 28 of 17/02/2014”, both Acts amended to EU legislation. These acts is valid for any purchase made from Poy-Sian European Import IVS inside EU, unless otherwise is specifically stipulated in individual agreement. For E-Trade purchases from countries outside EU, Poy-Sian European Import IVS cannot take any liability in relation to these countries specific terms and conditions, including rules relating to custom duties and import restrictions. The customer therfore takes on all obligations, if purchase and shipping is directed to countries outside EU. Also all purchases from outside EU is charged with normal Danish VAT, as the company is not registered with an EORI number and therefore is  not connected to the European Export Systems (e-Export).


See the term in the current Danish Sale of Goods Act, which is harmonized with the EU’s general requirements for consumer protection.


See in menu under: General Information.


To complete a purchase please give us the following personal information:

– Name

– Address

– E-mail address

Information registered with Poy-Sian European Import IVS and stored for 5 years, after which they are deleted. The information is saved because of claims from the Danish Tax authorities.

Poy-Sian European Import IVS make only records on your personal information in order to sell, deliver and invoice items for you.

The following employees have access to the recorded data:

– Management

– Administration and Bookkeeping

– Trusted service staff

The information will not be disclosed to third parties. We do not hold records on personal information.

As registered with Poy-Sian European Import you have all the right to get knowledge about the information that we hold on you, and you have the right to get a copy of the information recorded on you. These rights derive from the Danish Privacy Act. To get acces to this information contact must be expressed to Poy-Sian European Import IVS on mail:

Our supreme controller is always our CEO.


You can order goods from Poy-Sian European Import IVS in the following ways:

– Order directly from the webshop.

– Contact us by mail, via the contact form on the website.

Purchase and agreements on our website, can be concluded in the following languages:

– English, German, Danish, Swedish

All prices on the site include VAT and free shipping. Prices are day to day prices, as these are dependent on the current dollar exchange rate.


Important information: If you have entered incorrect information, then the automatically sent confirmation is NOT considered binding for Poy-Sian European Import IVS. If so, we will then try to contact you in order to get your order adjusted.


All goods are sent by Post Denmark as normal shipment / post, if the customer chooses this method. We will try to ship the goods, if possible, the same day. If buyer wants special value shipment, this desire must be provided to us in the contact form. This desire will be at buyer’s expense.

We ship to all countries within the EU and EFTA.

If the item is not in stock, we will within 1-2 weekdays send an email with information about the expected date of delivery. If you are not satisfied with this delay in delivery, please contact us without undue delay.

Delivery time:

– Basically, 2-6 weekdays, depending on your location in Europe and depending on the different European holidays.


Distance selling comes in accordance with the Danish Consumer Protection act, which gives you  14 days to cancel the purchases.

If the product is returned, this can accordingly only occur if the product is returned in substantially the same condition and in the same quantity as when you received it.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, you must return the item to us within 14 days of receipt of the goods, or you can choose to cancel the order by refusing to accept it.

The right of withdrawal lapses consequently, if you make use of the product, in a way where it is quite obvious that the use reduces the sales value significantly. Similarly, there must be no changes in the quantity og goods sold.

Since the original packaging is an essential part of Poy-Sian Mark II’s value, it could mean that the product cannot be considered returned in the same condition and quantity, especially if the packaging is not included and is in mint condition. Remember to always have the packaging remain intact, until you are sure that you will keep the product.

To exercise the right of withdrawal you must return the item to us within 14 days after you received the goods. It’s always a good idea to contact us before you return the product.

Always include an explanation with reference to your name and your invoice number, when the product was purchased and from which mail address. It is not enough just to send us a mail, or refer to previous mails.

When you cancel your purchase, the amount you have paid will be transferred back to you, when we have received the product and when it is verified that it meets the conditions as stipulated for the right return of goods (products).

Always include a copy of the invoice, so that the right withdrawal will be exercised and also a bank account number to which the purchase price can be transferred. Items returned to us as “Cash On Delivery” will be rejected by us.

There is no right to return products in the following situations:

– If the products are not in the same condition as when received.

– There is no return by commerce (B2B / profession).

Items has to be returned to:

Poy-Sian European Import IVS, Tranehaven 13, 2605 Broendby, DENMARK.


Consumers are provided with a warranty of 24 months on all products (12 months. By commerce) , given by the Danish Sale of Goods Act .

The warranty means that you, the customer can complain about defects concerning the product, which was present at delivery, but which has not manifested itself up until 24 months after purchase.

It is a prerequisite that the defects are not caused by misuse of the product or other injurious behavior. You must make your claim within a reasonable time, after you have found the defect. Claim within 2 months, after you have found the defect, are always considered as being timely for consumer goods.

In commerce a complaint is required immediately. Here a warranty is not the same as a guarantee, and it’s not all defects that can or will be rectified through the warranty.

If you wish to complain about a product please notify us at the following address:

Poy-Sian European Import IVS, Tranehaven 13, 2605 Broendby, DENMARK.


Once an item is returned as a warrenty or complaint, please enclose a short and precise description of the defect and a copy of your invoice.

If we do not get an accurate description of the error, we reserve the right to return the package for the buyer’s account. Remember to pack your shipment properly. Before sending the item back to us please contact us on mail, so we can make sure that you are aware of this.


As a customer, buying from Poy-Sian European Import IVS, we guarantee you that will not be exposed to newsletters or any other type of E-MAIL advertising.


To make a purchase you must go through the following five steps:

  1. Place your items in the shopping cart. You can view the contents in your cart in the right corner / side og to the right, under Cart.
  2. Go to basket / checkout.
  3. Enter your address and your mail address.
  4. Go to PayPal or select credit cards under PayPal.
  5. Check that the information is correct and accept our terms and conditions to buy.

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